☛ Solar Light Mill, Wood, Mica, and glass bell under vacuum ✰

Powered by the photons of the light, one of the tiniest particles in the world, this sculpture reminds us that we're surrounded by energy and how urgent it is to use it.
This light-mill also called a Crookes Radiometer, has been studied by the greatest physician in the world, including Einstein. They all gave a theory on how these vanes are set in motion, but now, almost two centuries after, there are still only theories....

This new Sculpture is still under realization, coming very soon...

Erohe du Azac Arborescence solaire tree skull light mill arbre crane photon radiometer radiometre crookes wood free energy

This sculpture is part of a collection of vanities and objects combining modernity throughout new technologies, such as laser sintering and some physical principles, to the very classic aesthetics of a cabinet of curiosities, that i called Modern Curiosity.